Drone Service

Our drone service can elevate your project and give a unique and recognisable perspective that can help give your project a professional perception.

Drones were unthought of a few years ago, but now they enable us to view and capture tight places where no one else could, Capturing footage from the air brings an exciting new dimension to any project.

Our cameras are on and alway ready to go, theres not much we dont do, Earths Eye Media have the required skills, knowledge, ability and confidence, enabling us to supply you all with the breathtaking and pleasing shots you may desire, no matter what the idea or project is we bring our creative skills.

The Earths Eye Media team will always provide Professional, Reliable and Safety throughout all aspects of our services. As a team we truly believe our clients and their projects always come first, and that every clients requirements are unique and we tailor our photography to suit your project, whether you want to convey a modern and different style, or an older traditional aesthetic. 

Editing everything in house ensures your project is fine tuned tailored to the client and projects needs, we can also deliver our photography service alongside our Videography service which will cut the cost of production while also providing more consistency in your project in all forms of media produced. 

Services we can provide

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  • PETS

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